Business Solutions

Starting your own business? Astrology can make the critical difference between one that starts off with momentum and one that limps along. There are clearly auspicious astrological times and difficult challenging ones. Knowing when to begin gives you your best chance of success.

As a businessperson, you can use astrology to help ascertain the best time to make decisions based on the positioning of the Moon and the stars, or you may choose to use astrology to help understand the inherent traits of your coworkers and business associates. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of those around you, your decisions and actions can be more effective and logical.

The use of astrology in business has statistically proven advantageous in starting dates and business decisions. The first consideration is the use of a corporate "birth chart," the astrological phase during which a business is founded. The birth of a company can yield very accurate portraits of the potential success of the endeavor as well as the type of business for which it is suited. For already established businesses, understanding the astrological influences in effect at the time the company was formed can help understand ongoing challenges and special opportunities.

The date, time, and location a company is legally established sets up a point in time that describes all aspects of a company, including its strengths, challenges, and finances. Some dates have high-growth potential, and a company formally established on those dates has a faster than average growth rate. A good date and time should match the company's goals, products, or services to a date and time when those energies are strong and supported by astrological influences. By being aware of the strengths and challenges in a company's birth chart, a business can make better strategic decisions by knowing when major changes and events will occur. For example, to ensure a better chance of success, a business should ideally be created during the Moon's "axing period," when its lights increase from the New to the Full Moon. Of course, this does not mean a company started when the Moon was waning is destined for failure. The inception of a business should not be too close to the New Moon, nor should it be too close to the First Quarter or Full Moons. Ideally, it should occur about five days after the New Moon.

Astrology is a way of life for many people- as a solution giver and a solution taker!

The modern day life style is seeing a taxing life for many people as they are facing problems at many fronts of life, say with relations, with study, with career and much more. So, in such a scenario, astrology services are on the rise tremendously.

Astrology is a part of everyday life of many people and where India is concerned, it is a tradition and a belief which holds many people together.

Astrology is associated with your past, present and future. It is the study of heavenly bodies which affect the basic entities of your life including relationships, personality, and business. An astrologer can give you a snap shot of your future by reading the movements of the sun, moon, and planets in accordance with your specific sign and explain how they prove to play a role in every aspect of your life. Gaining astrological knowledge can be an enormous facilitator for your business in organizing, arranging, and keeping it going with nourishment, development and success.

Astrology, not only gives impact in personal life, but also in corporate life! Application of astrology into business is very essential to know the positives and negatives of everyone working in an organization from head to toe- CEO to Cleaning man, the impacts of risky dealings, nature and behaviour of employees, working field suitable for them, etc. Company's success is the key aim for every corporate body.