A person who practises palmistry; a palm reader.

someone who claims to be able to tell you about your future by examining the lines on your hand. This activity is called palmistry.

A person who looks at the lines on the palm of your hand and tells you what these lines say about your character and your future is a Palmist.

The palms reflect mind/body connections that give us useful information about psychological and physical health.

Unlocking the secrets contained in the hands is a step-by-step procedure that begins with the shape of the hand, fingers, and thumbs and culminates with specific major and minor markings. It's not an exact science, since we are in constant change in our lives the lines will change over time. There are significant variations from individual to individual; we are each uniquely different. No two people on the planet have exactly the same hand markings, fingerprints.

Palmistry is a form of divination. Information about a person's personality traits, talents, and interests are revealed through analysis of their hands. The art of palmistry is learned through the study of markings and characteristics of the hands. Most people associate the lines on the palm as the focus of a palm reading. However, it is the whole hand that will be analyzed by a professional palmist. Palm lines, the shape of the hands and fingers, spaces between fingers, colorings of the hands and fingernails, size of mounts, etc. will all be taken into consideration.

What Is Palmistry

Palmistry is the art and science of self-discovery. Fundamental to Vedic palmistry is that as we continuously change and evolve, so do the hand lines on our palms.

Palmistry, also known as Chiromancy, is the art of telling a person's fortune by looking at the lines and bumps on a person's hand. Chirognomy is a related science in which hand shape; finger shape, fingers, nails and the texture and consistency of the flesh are examined in order to get a glimpse into the inner workings of the personality.

Palmistry is a branch of occult science, which deals with the comprehensive study of the palm-prints to get the idea of future happenings in life. Palmistry is another proof which champions that everybody has a different life, because we all have different palm prints.

Palmistry is the art of reading character and destiny from the shape of the hand and the lines of the palm. It is not fortune-telling but about knowing yourself and where you are going. Unlike a psychic reading, the palm gives us a map of our life and it is up to us to make the most of it: through self-awareness we can shape our fate and affect our future.

Palmistry is an ancient art thought to have originated in the East more than 5000 years ago.

Principles of palmistry

When we look at a palm, we will need to look at it from many perspectives, first we will need to determine the basic shapes of the palm, then the fingers, then the thumb. We will next need to compare the length and shapes of the palm and the fingers with one another. Different features of the hands would have different meanings associated to it. At the same time, we will look at the starting and ending points of the main and secondary lines in the palm. Then we will determine if there are any unique signs and shapes formed by the lines. These lines will also have different meanings associated to it.

We will need to study the other features of the palm like the colour, the touch, the fingernails, the feel, the temperature, etc. All these are the things that we will need to analyse when doing a palm reading.

The advantages of palmistry

One good thing about palmistry is that it allows you to assess a person's personality in a very short time. In palmistry, no complex calculations is needed like those of astrology. At the same time, you will not need that person to tell you anything about their birth date and time. In certain countries, such information are either wrongly recorded or translated wrongly due to the different types of calendar calculations used. The palm would be a very good guide in revealing the personality and tendencies in these cases.

The other advantage of palmistry as compared to other form of divination method is that palmistry is easy to learn and easy to apply. At the same time, unlike Face Reading Analysis, there are very few people who will alter their palms for cosmetic reasons. Thus palmistry / palm reading is one of the most accurate way of getting an updated reading of a person's personality.

What Is Palmreading

Palmistry is also called palm reading. It is about telling the future and nature of a person by reading the lines on the palm of a person. The origin of palm reading is believed to be ancient astrology of India.

Palm reading, also known as palmistry or chiromancy, is a fascinating way of predicating one's future through the study of the palm of the hand. Dating back to Hindu astrology and the gypsy traditions, palm reading is now practiced all over the world.

A person's palm texture tells about a person's personality. A person whose palm texture is soft is known to be sensitive; and if the texture is coarse, the person is said to be harsh. If the hand of a person is flexible, he is said to be an adjustable person in any surroundings. If the fingers are flexible, he is said to be a person who is ready to face challenges. The nails of a person also tell about a person's personality. If a person has long nails, which are pointed at the ends, the person is said to be creative. If he has short nails, the person is supposed to be very organized. Palms color has nothing to do with astrology. But if a persons hand is pink color, he is said to have good health.

Marriage Palmisty

Palmistry is the art of looking at the shape/texture of one's hand to reveal health, mind, travel, lifestyle, dreams, etc. Karmic and past-life palmistry isn't practiced by all palm readers but it can be done by some. Some just look at the impression/depth of the hand's lines, some can tell by the "bracelet" on the wrist, some tell by the marriage line, and some do it with looking at both hands in general. If you intend on looking at your own hands to find past lives, I suggest learning the basics of palmistry first. This way you can decide for yourself if it's even possible to find the past lives on the paws.

Marriage, relationships, breakups, disappointment, children, love at first sight, timing and true love are some of the things people noways are most avidly seeking. Palmistry can help give information on the nature of most of these topics.


Marriage and relationships are better known in palmistry through the lines of union. These lines of union need not denote marriage always, but can also indicate an important relationship in life. They can also indicate a non-sexual relationship, but mainly denote a partnership. These union lines originate from the side of the palm and move over the mount of mercury, above the heart line.

Ideally marriage or union lines should be straight,long and free of any breaks or markings. If the line of union tilts towards the end, then it indicates that the quality of the relationship has dropped. If this line forks, then it may foretell a divorce or a split.


A breakup in a relationship is basically represented by a break in the marriage line.

Every break shows the splitting up of the relationship at that period of time. But if the breaks overlap, then it shows that the couple that had earlier split will come together again.


Disappointment in love can be derived by carefully examining the heart line. Most of the short lines fragmenting from the line of heart towards the base of the palm indicate a loss of relationship. This just means that the person has to work harder at relationships in the future. A traumatic or bad relationship is represented by a horizontal line that connects both the heart and the head line. Here it can also mean that the person will emerge as a stronger individual and make sure that he/she does not repeat the same mistakes again.

Love at first sight

Love at first sight means that a person totally falls in love with another person after spotting for the first time. Here he/she becomes completely smitten with the other person."Love at first sight" is said to be indicated by a star marking on the heart line.

Timing for true love

All the smaller lines fragmenting from the heart line pointing upwards represent a happy and compatible relationship. The timing is denoted by the point on the heart line from where these smaller lines originate.

Indication of a seducer/seductress

A seducer or seductress have many fine lines of union running from the side of the palm. Each of these fine lines are a representation of a short relationship. The main reason that a strong relationship does not develop is that there is no commitment or depth in it. It is wrong to assume that such people are cheating in relationships, they are just not committed enough.


Child lines are tiny lines perpendicular to the lines of union moving upwards. The child lines are present on both men and women. It is not necessary that the person will give birth to all the children depicted by the child lines. If the child lines split into two, then this could indicate the birth of twins.