Visa Problem

Visa application process can be very smooth for many persons. But remember if the problems occur, they can ruin your request. If you encounter some problems after completing the long process for visa application, you should know how to deal with them.

A lot of people want to travel abroad for seeking better opportunities related to education, career and business etc. Travelling to a foreign country is a major decision which requires much deliberation and the formalities associated with it are also numerous. One must complete all formalities in the correct order in order to avoid trouble getting the visa or permission to go abroad.

In the birth chart of the native, the eighth, ninth and the twelfth house govern travel to a foreign land and an association of Mars and Venus with these houses further increases the chances for travel.

Any immigation /visa problems is solved taking the birth details of individual persons. The birth horoscope of an individual person does clarify weather he or she can find opportunitues for going abroad or not based on the birth horoscope and placements of planets.